Afghan Refugee Muhammad Riyad Goes on Slashing Spree on German Train (David Wood)
Germany took in more than a million refugees in 2015. One of these refugees was an Afghan teenager named Muhammad Riyad. Two weeks ago, Riyad left the refugee center and was welcomed into the home of a German foster family. He responded to the kindness and generosity of the German people by boarding a train and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while hacking and slashing Germans with an axe and a knife. After fleeing the scene, he was surrounded by German police. He charged the police with his axe, and they shot him dead. Police later searched the young man’s room and discovered a homemade ISIS flag. ISIS later released a video of Riyad pledging allegiance to the terrorist group and proclaiming that he was going to die in a suicide attack.

Police and the media are reporting that the young jihadi’s motive is unclear. In this video, David Wood discusses Germany’s response to the attack.

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