The Islamic View of Black Slaves: Islam and Slavery in the Hadith

While Western preachers of Islam insist that Islam is a religion of freedom and racial equality, the Muslim sources tell a very different story. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, bought, owned, sold, and traded black African slaves, and his followers institutionalized African slavery long before countries like the United States even existed.

Consider a sahih hadith. In Sunan an-Nasai 4625, we read:

It was narrated that Jabir said: “A slave came and gave his pledge to the Messenger of Allah to emigrate, and the Prophet did not realize that he was a slave. Then his master came looking for him. The Prophet said: ‘Sell him to me.’ So he bought him for two black slaves, then he did not accept the pledge of anyone after that until he had asked: ‘Is he a slave?’”

Disturbingly, the heading of this hadith describes the content as: “Selling Animals for Animals of Different Amounts or Quality.” Hence, Muslim sources describe trading slaves as trading animals.

What else can we learn from this hadith? David Wood discusses the issue.

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