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I asked you to suggest channels for me to promote (before I NUKE my channel!), and Thaddeus from Reasoned Answers ranked the responses.

Reasoned Answers:
GodLogic Apologetics:
Adam Seeker:
Adam Seeker Urdu:
Lloyd de Jongh:
Rob Christian:
The Third Apology:
Two Messianic Jews:

Video Clips Taken from:
“Insane Islamic Lies Explained: How dawah makes one a habitual liar”: View YouTube video
“Sheikh Uthman vs GodLogic | Why is Jesus The Messiah In Islam?”: View YouTube video
“The Gospels Were Written Early, Not After AD 70”: View YouTube video
“Aiesha the wife of Muhammad and Women”: View YouTube video
“This is How the New Testament Teaches the Trinity”: View YouTube video
“Explaining Sharia Law 1 [Without the lies and confusion]”: View YouTube video

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