The Quran Affirms the Bible! (David Wood vs. Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq)

Although Muslim apologists (such as Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq) love to attack the Bible (emphasis on the Torah in this video), the Quran affirms the inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Indeed, Muhammad himself repeatedly declared that he affirmed the divine authority of the Torah. How can Muslim scholars get around this problem? By distorting the Quran! David Wood and Shaykh Uthman (of the One Message Foundation) discuss the issue.

For more on the myth that the Quran affirms the corruption of the Bible, be sure to watch “Does Quran 2:79 Claim That the Bible Is Corrupt? Shattering an Islamic Myth”: View AA archived video

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