26 Different Arabic Qurans: Explained and Unpacked (Hatun Tash and Jay Smith)

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At Speakers’ Corner, on Sunday, August 7, 2016, Jay Smith and Hatun Tash displayed 26 Arabic Qur’ans, which had thousands of textual variants.

The mostly Arabic speaking crowd who listened to them became extremely agitated and angry, as this material goes against everything they have been taught.

Because of the volatility of Speaker’s Corner, and because the material Jay and Hatun were introducing was quite technical and difficult to communicate, especially to an angry crowd, they announced from the ladder that they would be posting a follow-up video that would not only explain what they were saying at Speakers’ Corner, but also show the actual changes which we can find in the written Arabic between two of the 26 Arabic Qur’ans on display (the Hafs and the Warsh versions).

In this video, Jay and Hatun discuss some of the differences found in two of the 26 different Arabic Qur’ans.

We hope that with this video you can better understand what Jay and Hatun are trying to communicate, and that it will begin a debate about the preservation of the Qur’an and about why Muslim leaders lie to their followers about their most cherished book.


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