Yasir Qadhi Calls David Wood a “Vulgar, Obscene, Evil Jerk” in Epic Meltdown!

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi is in full meltdown mode. In his recent video, “Library Chats #10: Responding to Jay Smith and David Wood on the ‘Holes in the Narrative’ Controversy, Dr. Qadhi attacked Jay, David, and Dan Brubaker. To understand how much Dr. Qadhi is losing his mind, watch the video: View YouTube video

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Islam Q&A article on Muhammad’s vulgar language: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/121823/detailed-discussion-about-the-hadith-tell-him-to-bite-his-fathers-male-member-and-refutation-of-those-who-say-that-this-is-gratuitously-obscene-speech

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