Road Trip Q&A 5: How Can Former Muslims Reach Their Families?

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In this installment of “Road Trip Q&A,” a former Muslim asks:

“Hi David. First I would like to thank you for convincing me to leave Islam and become a Christian. Even though I was a muslim I feel like your testimony is more relatable to me because even though raised a muslim I didn’t really care for my religion and I adopted a lot of similar beliefs to yours before you became a Christian. I am currently 17 and I have told my parents of my conversion, which they did not respond all that well to, constantly preach the Gospel and go to church whenever I can. So I wanna know do you have any recommendations about something and if Nabeel can help, how should interact with my parents who have become distant since the conversion, when should I tell them that I want to become a priest and any tips on how I should try to convert them to Christianity. Thank you and God Bless.”

Nabeel Qureshi answers.


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