Great Britain Grants Asylum to the Muslim Brotherhood (David Wood)
The British Home Office has posted a report maintaining that, because prominent Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt have been labeled “terrorists” by the Egyptian government, they may be subject to persecution by all the Egyptians who are sick to death of terrorism. Since these prominent radical Islamists may be subject to persecution in Egypt, Great Britain has decided to grant them asylum. The “Policy Summary” runs as follows:

“The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a terrorist organisation in Egypt and members may be prosecuted under the Penal Code.

Many senior and mid-level leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested, face prolonged detention while some have been handed death sentences. Thousands of members and supporters have also been arrested, particularly during demonstrations, by the state security forces. Some members and supporters have been killed and injured during the same protests.

Those with a high profile in the Muslim Brotherhood or who have been politically active, particularly in demonstrations, may be able to show that they are at risk of persecution, including of being held in detention, where they may be at risk of ill-treatment, trial also without due process and disproportionate punishment.

Additionally, high profile supporters or those perceived to support the Muslim Brotherhood, such as journalists, may also be similarly at risk of persecution. In such cases, a grant of asylum will be appropriate.

However, although membership of the Muslim Brotherhood is proscribed, low-level, non-political or inactive members and supporters are not generally being targeted and it is unlikely that they will be able to demonstrate a real risk of persecution. Each case will need to be considered on its facts.”

To read the full report, click this link:


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