A Question Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Answer (Clay Jones)

I saw Dr. Clay Jones at a recent Christian apologetics conference in San Diego, California. My friend Clay has an article on his website titled “A Question the Jehovah’s Witnesses Can’t Answer” clayjones.net/2010/08/a-question-the-jehovah%E2%80%99s-witnesses-can%E2%80%99t-answer. Since I haven’t had many discussions with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I asked Clay if he could make the same point in a video. What do you think? Does the theology of “the Watchtower” line up with the theology of the Bible? Do JWs promote monotheism or polytheism? Does the JW New World Translation’s claim that Jesus is “a god” (John 1:1) line up with the rest of the New Testament? Let me know in the comments section.

Dr. Clay Jones is a professor at Biola University. Here’s his website: https://www.clayjones.net/

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