What Islam Really Teaches about God and Jesus (David Wood)

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For nearly two thousand years, Christians have proclaimed Jesus’ death, resurrection, and deity. Islam rejects all three of these core doctrines and offers a different account of who Jesus was and what happened at the cross and afterwards. But the Islamic account comes at a terrible price. In order to reject Jesus’ death, resurrection, and deity, Islam has to portray God as a horrible deceiver and Jesus as the most stupendous failure in the history of the prophets. So, while Muslims claim that “Allah is the Truth” and that Jesus is to be revered as one of Allah’s mightiest prophets, these claims are hollow, because a closer examination shows what Islam really teaches about God and Jesus.

To understand the theological incoherence that emerges from Muhammad’s teachings about Jesus, we’re going to look at ten facts. And when I say “ten facts,” I mean ten facts that even Muslims have to grant. They’re either facts about what Islam teaches or historical facts that Muslims can’t deny. Based on these ten facts, we’re then going to ask ten questions. And, as we’ll see, the Islamic answers to these questions will leave us wondering how Muslims can possibly expect us to take their theology seriously.


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