Abu Bakr's Quran Was Different from Uthman's Quran (Quran Preservation Myth Debunked)

Our Muslim friends tell us that the Quran has been perfectly preserved from the time of Muhammad. However, the Quran we have today is different from the first Quran ever compiled. Abu Bakr ordered Zayd ibn Thabit to compile the Quran. Years later, Uthman decided to standardize the Quran, and Zayd was once again selected to compile the Quran. Yet Zayd’s new Quran was different from his original Quran, and we know this from hadiths reported in Sahih al-Bukhari! David Wood discusses the impact of the evidence on the myth of perfect Quran preservation. As usual, Yasir Qadhi helps expose the “holes in the narrative.”

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