26 Different Arabic Qurans (with Thousands of Textual Variants)

Muslims have been told by their leaders and apologists that there is only one Qur’an, and that it has been perfectly preserved, down to the letter, from the time it was revealed to Muhammad. Unfortunately, for Muslims, this claim is factually false. To prove that it’s false, Hatun Tash and Jay Smith brought 26 different Arabic Qur’ans to Speaker’s Corner in London.

Jay and Hatun took each of the 26 Arabic Qur’ans, and they showed Muslims the many differences which can be found within each of them, proving that the Qur’an has not been perfectly preserved.

As you will see in the video, the Muslims who gathered were extremely angry with Jay and Hatun for showing them so many textual variants in the Qur’an. The Muslims began with questions, then tried to change the subject, then became enraged as the differences were read to them.

Once Hatun and Jay began to show how the differences weren’t simply readings, but textual differences that changed the meaning of Qur’an verses, some of the more prominent Muslims at Speakers’ Corner began calling the rest of the Muslims to leave the ladder area and no longer listen to Jay and Hatun. They realized that what was being shown was indeed too damaging for Muslims to hear, since it completely destroys one of the most popular myths of Islam.

A group formed about 20 feet away, where one of the leaders tried to explain away what was being shown from the ladder, but the damage had already been done. With hard evidence on display, one cannot simply explain it away.

The Pfander team has never seen this kind of reaction as was shown on Sunday, proving that this new material is indeed damaging to Islam, and especially to the authority of the Qur’an.

Because much of what Hatun and Jay are showing is very technical and thus difficult to explain in such a public setting, the two of them made a second hour-long video, sitting on a couch with all of the 26 Qur’ans next to them, in a studio, which gave them the ability to unpack and explain the background to the thousands of variants which are being found.

You can watch the video here: View AA archived video


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