Muslims Lose Their Minds When 26 Different ARABIC Qurans Return to Speakers' Corner!

About a year ago, Jay Smith and Hatun Tash got up on their ladders at Speakers’ Corner to show 26 different Arabic Qur’ans to the world. They didn’t have the time then to go through the 26 Qur’ans, and so they decided to bring the Qurans back to Speakers’ Corner for a similar talk, but this time to go through and show some of the differences.

To date, Arabic scholars who are doing the research (not Jay nor Hatun, who are clear that they are not Arabic scholars) have found 45,377 differences within the 26 Qur’ans they are looking at. That number will continue to rise as they find hundreds, and perhaps thousands more.

Jay and Hatun couldn’t go through all the 45,377 differences they were aware of, so they only brought down about 70 examples, taken from an assortment of the 26 Qur’ans in their hands.

The crowd listening was the largest down there that day, and it became quickly evident that the Muslims did not stay to listen, as one after another left, once they heard what was being discussed.

This video is just a synopsis of what happened at the ladder. The full video, which is over an hour long, will be put up on Pfanderfilms, once the slides of the variants are included, so that everyone can not only see where the variants are, but also see how they change the meaning in almost every case, and even change the theology of the verses.

Once Jay and Hatun had finished, and were preparing to leave, a group of Muslim men surrounded them, and tried to stop them, asking at first to be given the Qur’ans. When Jay and Hatun refused, they then became physical, trying to grab the Qur’ans from the bags, even ripping one of the bags, as Jay and his friends tried to quickly walk away.

The Muslims followed them, harassing them and trying to steal the Qur’ans from them.

It wasn’t until Jay and his group crossed the two streets beyond the corner that they were finally able to get away from them, where Jay then made a quick video as a conclusion to his talk, pointing out just how desperate these Muslims were that we not keep these Qur’ans, nor let others see them.

Muslims will not be able again to claim that the Qur’an is pure and unchanged, nor that it came from Allah, nor that it came from Muhammad, nor that it even came from Uthman.


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