What Color Is Satan? (Prophet Muhammad Answers!)

In Western caricatures, Satan is often portrayed as red in color, with horns, a pointy tail, and a pitchfork. Since Satan is drawn differently from anyone else, no person or group can ever be said to look like Satan.

According to Muhammad, however, there are plenty of people who look like Satan (or Iblis, or Shaytan). What does Satan look like?

Muhammad tells his followers what Satan looks like in Ibn Ishaq, page 243.

“The apostle said, ‘Whoever wants to see Satan, let him take a look at Nabtal ibn al-Harith!’ He was a sturdy black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks.”

This means, of course, that according to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, Satan is black, not red. David Wood, of Acts 17 Apologetics, discusses the issue.

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