Seth Dunn’s “Pulpit and Pen” Hit Piece on Nabeel Qureshi
Seth Dunn is a Christian blogger who writes for “Pulpit and Pen,” a website founded by JD Hall that claims to promote “discernment.” Dunn recently posted an article titled: “Resetting the Evangelical Mindset on Nabeel Qureshi.” Since Dunn’s hit piece on Nabeel Qureshi is filled with blunders, we can only wonder how the writers for “Pulpit and Pen” have convinced themselves that they are champions of “discernment.”

In this video, David Wood goes through Dunn’s entire article, point by point, showing that Dunn’s attacks against Nabeel Qureshi are based on sheer ignorance. Because Dunn is planning to run for President of the Southern Baptist Convention, his lack of discernment should be a concern for Christians.

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Seth Dunn’s Hit Piece on Nabeel Qureshi:


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