Our aim is to gather as little privacy related information as possible, which we ensure with the following measures:

  • Visitor tracking is done using a self-hosted Matomo instance. So no Google Analytics or other 3rd party tracking service which receives your visitor data - everything stays local!

  • Visitor tracking is done with partial anonymization of your IP address. This way we don’t know exactly who you are or where you are from, but it’s still accurate enough to know from which country you visit.

  • Old visitor statistics are deleted periodically.

  • Video share buttons are just hyperlinks; no javascript/connection to Facebook/Twitter until you click the share button.

  • Cookies in use are only functional (other than Matomo tracking described above).

  • No other tracking, cookies or other privacy sensitive methods are used.

  • All connections between your browser and this site are SSL encrypted with HSTS enabled for an A+ score on SSL Labs.

If you still have any question about your privacy regarding this site, then please contact us

Opt-out of tracking

If for whatever reason you would like to completely disable visitor tracking, you can do so below. You have to do this for every browser/device you visit this site from.