An easy way to download all raw videos from the Acts 17 Apologetics / David Wood YouTube Channel

If you need only 1 or a couple of videos, you can download them using the link on each video page.

Use the links below to download ZIP files containing all David Wood’s videos up until he deleted them all on July 4th 2022. Because of the size the download has been split up in several ZIP files. I hope you have good speeds and unlimited bandwidth for your internet connection 😎

Each video folder contains the following content:

  1. Highest available quality video download from YouTube
  2. 480p lower resolution video download from YouTube
  3. JSON file with original metadata (views, likes, comments, etc…)
  4. JSON file with live chat (for livestreams)
  5. VTT subtitle file (only on a subset of videos)
  6. Video thumbnail in PNG and JPG
  7. Video description in .DESCRIPTION text file
  8. Extra files used for reposting to my YouTube channel (only on a subset of videos)

Most videos are encoded in the WEBM codec; you can play these videos with (for example) VLC player.

Keep in mind that the complete archive is over 550GB to download! 🔥

Download links

If you want to download these videos please send a message to request access to the actual downloads. I’m happy to provide them to you but i would just like to know with who i’m going to share them and why you want them 😊